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Pathways, rockery gardens, and flower beds are important parts of every type of garden. Both styles, more modern and traditional, often gain from using white gravel stone. It can help create clear frames, lines, and decorations that attract the stares of people walking by. It looks beautiful in the sun and does not lose its colour.

For garden and hand-made projects

If you need durable and high-quality material for decorations that you are planning to create for your family or friends, or hand-made products for home, visit, and you will find something for yourself. GT Prospect Limited offers a wide selection of white gravel stones that come in various sizes and are packed in different size packagings to satisfy all the customers' needs. It is the ideal product for all garden decorations, but you can use white gravel stones also in fish tanks, vases, pots, and planters. It is not affected by sun or rain, so it will last in good condition and form for many years.


white gravel stones


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